Amish County! [Pennsylvania, USA]

April 12, 2012

Note: Have food, you will be followed by a goat.

Being attacked by a goat for simply holding a slice of pie is one of the adventures I have had in the Amish Country in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.


(upgrade! notice the break and signal lights on this carriage)

The Amish don’t use any technology, and they’re pretty focused on their farms. And their farms are quite beautiful!

And the food! Remember the slice of pie I mentioned? The Amish have lots of great bakeries, and cookouts. I remember my pre-vegetarian days, and we went to this one food festival, or whatever they call it, and they served the best ribs I ever tasted. I think it’s because the cow was freshly killed and it was happy grazing the land, not like the nasty factory farm produced meat people usually eat.

It’s hard to take a picture with the Amish because they won’t agree to it. They’re not really concerned with their looks too. But they’re pretty friendly and warm people. I remember at the cookout, they had their money earned in a box just out on the table. I guess they’re really trustworthy. In places like New York, one wrong look at the cashier and they think you’re stealing from them.

It’s pretty relaxing to breathe in fresh air and look at the beautiful countryside. I don’t think I’ll ever become an Amish person, but to spend some time with them, in their land, is quite a memorable experience.

-ballerina gypsy


Hershey Park! [Pennsylvania, USA]

April 12, 2012


Have no money? Have no fear! Hershey Park Chocolate World is here! 

This is a common attraction spot for tourists who don’t really have the budget to go all out, but still want to have fun and learn about one of the world’s most famous candy brand. 

Hershey Park has a chocolate tour where you can see how chocolate bars are made. When you enter, you immediately smell the freshness of cocoa. There’s also fun music and animated robot-things that your kids can enjoy! Plus, they give out free chocolate at the end of the tour. Keep riding the thing, and you’re sampling free Hershey chocolate that can fill you up for days.

There’s also an amusement park there complete with water rides and roller-coasters. This costs money though.

Mmm, chocolate.

-ballerina gypsy

Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum! [New York, USA]

April 12, 2012


If you’re a celebrity, this is probably the creepiest place ever. But if you’re a happy-go-lucky-hey-let’s-take-a-picture-over-here tourist, welcome to your Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory!

Do not go here if you are camera-less. You will just be standing around like a dumb-ass. Buy a disposable camera (these things still exist, don’t worry) if you find yourself in an emergency. There’s nothing else to do here than pretend you’re best friends with Michael Jackson, or if you went recently, dating that dude from the Twilight movies.

I remember when I went there, my family and I took pictures with Every. Single. Statue. I didn’t know half of them, but hey, they were made of wax so what the heck! If you’re decently groomed, and standing completely still, heck, out-of-towners would probably pose with you for a picture or two. It’s that serious.

What’s great about these statues is that they’re made to imitate the real thing as much as possible. Height, weight, pose, everything.


(Aishwarya Rai, real figure on left, posing with her wax statue)

I was really surprised to see how short Marilyn Monroe was.

All the celebrities are grouped in a way that they can relate to each other. The musicians are placed with musicians, Jennifer Aniston is placed far far away from Angelina and Brad.


(I was really creeped out when I saw this statue of Britney Spears breathing. But from all that dancing, she’ll of course be so out of breath)

The original wax museum is found in London. The original wax maker was Marie Tussaud, her first wax figure was Voltaire, and she also sculpted victims of the French Revolution. I remember seeing a picture in a text book of her wax figures of Marie Antoinette’s severed head. Marie Tussaud, I find, was definitely a creepy, yet brilliant, mofo. Who would decide to mold people out of wax?

What I find funny about the museum in New York is that Samuel L. Jackson’s statue is outside, free for anyone to pose with. If I were him, I would be completely insulted. And a little bit like I was a victim of racism.

I was delighted to pose with Princess Diana though. Her elegance radiates even through her wax counterpart.


-ballerina gypsy

[all of the photos have been taken from Bing. I have my own photos, but my friends and family are in them, so I can’t post them here]

Meet friendly horses! [Vermont, USA]

April 12, 2012

I came back from my first trip to Vermont yesterday. One piece of advice: April is not the time to visit Vermont.

All the trees are dried up and dead from winter. The snow used for skiiing has been melted away from spring. The farms aren’t open because of the spring/winter breeze.

So how did I make my trip to Vermont memorable? It was all thanks to this guy:


We met him while driving along a route headed to a ski resort. We thought there would be some snow since it was high in the mountains, but all that were left was little patches of snow, and a couple of horses grazing the grass and eating hay.

What was so special about this guy was that as we were getting out of the car, he walked towards us and decided to say hello in his horsey way. He was completely friendly and kind and allowed us to pet him. He even moved himself so he could be in the middle of frame when we were taking photos with him. He was definitely a good-looking horse with shiny blonde hair. He was all alone in his pen, but there were other horses in the other pens. I will never forget this horse.

In Vermont, all the houses looked abandoned and run-down. And it was so quiet.

But I loved the farms that we passed and of course, the animals that we saw.

I’m sure The Green Mountain State would be much more fun and beautiful come summer or winter time. But in April, there is absolutely nothing to do.

Except, of course, make friends with horses.

-ballerina gypsy

Ballerina Gypsy

April 12, 2012

That’s what I am! One of my passions in life is ballet, and I’ve always wanted to be a gypsy a la Esmerelda from “The Hunchback of Notre Dame.” This is just a little corner in the World Wide Web where I’ll post places where I’ve been, my thoughts on them, and the places that I wish I could visit/things I wish I could do.

Please enjoy 🙂

-ballerina gypsy