Times Square! [New York, USA]


Where tourists come to thrive and New Yorkers come to die. No matter what time or day you decide to visit Times Square, it will always be swarming with people. Maybe if you go after midnight on a weekday when it’s snowing, it might be less crowded. But usually, this place is swarming with people taking pictures with everything, people trying to give you brochures or nagging you to watch a comedy night. I even remember someone selling Obama condoms. 

This place is a visual overload. Everywhere you look there is something going on. Lights will blind you. Advertisements will hypnotize you and your wallet. Be on the lookout for celebrities because this is also the place of MTV Studios and major news networks. 

Sit down on the red steps. Get some Jamba Juice. Offer to take photos of tourists, then run with their camera.

Welcome to New York!

-ballerina gypsy


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