Six Flags! [New Jersey, USA]


I believe that Six Flags is truly the happiest place on Earth! 

If you’re not a fan of rollercoasters, Six Flags may not be the place for you. But don’t worry! If your kids/friends/colleagues are forcing you to visit, there are things that you can do! Take pictures with The Old Guy In Those Six Flags Commercials, Tweety Bird, Batman, Wonder Woman. There are also arcade/carnival games that you can do. There’s also a huge ferris wheel. Nice.

If you are a roller-coaster junkie like me, definitely go on the following: Skull Mountain (a roller-coaster in the dark!); Batman (it goes backwards, while your feet hang in the sky); Superman (fly!); El Toro (the fastest wooden roller coaster in the world, although some people note that this ride is quite dangerous, yet thrilling); Bizarro (you feel the heat of the flames as you pass them); Nitro (one of my favorites); and of course, the mother of all roller-coasters: Kingda Ka.

People are afraid of Kingda Ka, and I don’t blame them. I was scared shitless when my brother made me ride it. But it’s totally worth it! Believe me! They start you off (completely strapped in) and then slowly wheel you right in front of the giant drop. You’re just sitting there for about five minutes facing your fate, contemplating on the fact that maybe you should have gone bowling instead. Then you hear the engine hiss and suddenly you’re speeding off 128 miles per hour. As you’re ascending, you scream and inwardly curse out your friend who forced you to ride this thing, and as you’re on the summit, you suddenly hear silence–everyone is gasping at the beautiful sky directly above them, the parking lot and trees below them–until you’re dropped 418 feet. The brave ones put their hands up as they feel the wind against their face and that addictive feeling of falling. You go down a lower loop, but compared to what you just faced, it’s nothing. Before you know it, the ride is over. After waiting what feels like hours on the line, and 2 minutes on the ride itself, you realize: it was all worth it. 

-ballerina gypsy

P.S: I would avoid the dolphin/seal show they offer. Watch the documentary: “The Cove.” You’ll see what I mean.





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