The Body Exhibit! [New York, USA]

Attention all medical students, anatomy enthusiasts, and murderers! The Body Exhibit is the place to go!

The Body Exhibit in South Street Seaport, New York showcases real-life bodies preserved by removing the water and other fluids with acetone and plastics. You will truly learn the functioning of the human body and really see what it’s like inside of us. 


(taken from Bing. This is one person’s body, it’s skeleton and tissues separated!)

You will see it all here in this beautifully crafted exhibition. They’re mostly male bodies, I must note. Some of them had their muscles cut up and split to show the dynamics of running. The one female body that I remember was holding open her torso to show her insides. And, not trying to sound immature, but breasts are disgusting. It’s basically just fat. There are also different organs on display, some of them organs with diseases, such as lungs of a smoker. Next to it there’s a bin where you can give up your cigarettes as a gesture to quit smoking, but when I looked closely at it, I realized people are cheaters as most of the boxes were empty. 

The most gruesome, yet fascinating, part of the exhibit (which you can skip and go around of if you’re too sensitive to the sights) is the fetus section. It’s basically babies in jars in a dark room. It was the coolest thing ever. You see every stage of a growing baby: from the fertilized egg, which is very small, to an unborn six month old baby. By a few weeks, you can see the baby with tiny fingers and eyes, it makes you think about abortion and such. 

There’s also a game you can play with your friend. You each sit at one end of a long table and wear this headband that’s suppose to record your brain waves. On the table is a metal ball. According to your brain waves, whoever is the least relaxed, and whoever the ball goes to, loses. It’s a game with the winner being the one who’s most relaxed (I won against my friend, but it was funny because looking at my brain waves, which sometimes drew out to a straight line, I looked brain dead).

I also highly recommend the Dialog in the Dark exhibit. You tour “New York” as a blind person. Smell, touch, sounds, all become important to you as you experience life with a tour guide who is actually blind.

So go out there, and explore your body! 

-ballerina gypsy


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